Wine On Tap – Exclusively Available to Wine Club Members

Announcing Wine on Tap! 

Wine on tap is a new and exciting way to enjoy William Heritage wines! Our draft system offers limited batches of William Heritage wine in our new stainless steel growlers.  Wine on tap is exclusively available to wine club members.

William Heritage Wine Growlers

  • Holds the same volume as a standard bottle of wine (750ml)
  • Stainless steel
  • Triple insulated, double walled, vacuum flask
  • Keeps white & rosé wines cold for up to 24 hours

Purchasing Wine on Tap

  • When purchasing your first wine growler the purchase will include a stainless steel wine growler ($19 each) and a wine growler refill. Wine growler refill prices will depend on which wine is on tap. Once you own a William Heritage wine growler you will only have to pay for growler refills. 
  • Sorry, but we will only fill William Heritage wine growlers. We cannot fill any other containers with wine on tap. 
  • Wine on tap selections will change frequently. Please call our tasting room to to see what is currently featured on tap (856) 589-4474

Wine on Tap is Great

  • Better for the environment – Wine on tap eliminates corks, bottles and labels which means less waste. 
  • Since there are less packing costs we can offer some of our finer wines at a reduced price.
  • Wine growlers are portable – Fill up your wine growler and bring it to the beach, camping, picnics or any of your favorite hangouts.